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Teaching and Writing, the Bible and Politics

March 26, 2009

    Teaching about Hagar at the same time I am finishing a book (The Woman Who Named God) about her can get confusing. I can’t remember what I have told the students and what I have said to my readers. This is ok, except when I get irritated at the students for not knowing something I have written about and have never mentioned in class. And, sometimes, real culture clashes happen. In the book, I talk about the politics behind Islam’s representations of Hagar and Judaism’s. I also talk about Abraham as a political leader. But yesterday, I was startled to discover that my students find if difficult to think of Bible characters as ever being political figures. This is because they equate the word politics with POLITICIANS and, as one student said, “I don’t think of politicians as leaders.”

      I am still brooding over this.

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