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In detroit

September 1, 2009

my voice will be booming out to NPR listeners proclaiming my views on Genesis and the Middle East. Not what I intended to be talking about. So, said Craig, the interviewer, you believe that Genesis tells us we need a two state solution? I took a deep breath. Yes, I said. I knew this wasn’t quite right even as I said it. I was twiddling with some bottle caps on my desk, an iced tea top and several others. What I should have said (and I had plenty of time to think of this during endicott’s convocation that took place immediately after) is that Genesis does NOT give us a blueprint of how to act today. However, for those people who look to Genesis for Proof of a single Abrahamic inheritance — Jews should get The Promised Land; Muslims should get it; Christians should get it — the Bible will inevitably disappoint them. God is very clear that all of Abe’s children will be blessed. Abraham leaves behind a plural legacy, not a single inheritance. That is the whole point of his love affairs with Different women. Anyways, I am a writer/historian. Not a preacher. I shouldn’t have fallen into the belief trap. I don’t believe that Genesis tells us what to do about the Middle East. I think we have to figure out the complexities of the internecine politics for ourselves.

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  1. September 2, 2009 7:55 am

    I have yet never given an interview that didn’t make me feel stupid afterward. Probably you did a beautiful job, so don’t kick yourself for what you didn’t get a chance to say.

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