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October 4, 2009

is in London. That’s all I knew a day ago. Now I know a lot more. Mary Wollstonecraft was born there. Who cares, right? I didn’t. But then I found the Spitalfields Riots. It turns out that 18th century Spitalfields was a hotbed of radicalism. Ah Ha. No wonder this is where the writer of “A Vindication of The Rights of Women” was born. I am at the bottom of a hill of a new book, but it has begun. I can feel my own interest stirring. The sense of who knew. The sense of thrill that no one else has written about this. In fact, the sense of discovery is so grand that I wonder if I should post this on my blog, because what if some other Mary W scholar steals it? But how many of us can there be? And besides, it isn’t like the cure for cancer, I suppose. To me, it is momentous. But as in Woman, what seems huge and fascinating to me, is probably arcane to everyone else. Still, I think it’s important somehow. Also, I’ve met a new 18th century woman, Anna Maria Garthwaite. She lived in Spitalfields and was a silk designer. Never married. Was famous and rich and an amazing artist.

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  1. October 4, 2009 3:09 pm

    I saw Godwin’s novel “Caleb Williams” at the Goodwill yesterday. I almost bought it but for some reason refrained.

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