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Exorcising “liberalism” from the Bible

December 4, 2009

This is the new project of Andrew Schlafly, founder of Outraged because the Bible has been translated by “professors” and “professors are the most liberal group of people in the world,” Schlafly has decided to redress this issue by opening the doors to amateur translators. He has set up a site (I refuse to publish the URL here) where people who are upset that Jesus says mushy things like, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” (one of my favorite Jesus quotes) can write in their own suggestions for what they think Jesus really said. Call me old fashioned, but in my mind this is taking democracy too far. Even David Brooks is horrified by the anti-illectualism of the far right these days — the Joe Six Pax fans. To Schlafly, knowledge of Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew are not sufficient qualifications for translating the Bible. Instead, all one needs is the correct political view. Of course, politics and biblical translation have always gone hand in hand. But at least in the past, you had to at least pretend to know things to get onto a bonafide translation team. Even though the King James team were virulently anti-Rome and had a clear agenda, they still knew biblical languages.

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  1. Ruth permalink
    December 4, 2009 5:12 pm

    let not thy knowledge impede thy spewing forth thy opinion… or translation in this case, eeeek

  2. December 4, 2009 10:27 pm

    Oh, wait, don’t tell me: This is also one of those “fundies” who likes to go on and on about how the Word of God is unchanging? He’s probably ranting that those of us “liberal intellectuals” have perverted the Bible and are therefore condemned to hell because we “changed” the sacred words (never mind what he’s proposing). *sigh* The only way I get through this is that I imagine God is rolling his eyes and sending good energy to the rest of us to persevere despite the people who refuse to exercise their brains.

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