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December 8, 2009

My wonderful friends, Anna and Paul Ornstein, hosted a book party for me on Sunday. This was the first time I have enjoyed such an event and I’m a veteran. The Ornsteins knew just what to do. They are distinguished psychoanalysts and they invited many of their analyst friends who are interested in the biblical story of WOMAN. I invited some writer/artist friends. Anna had us sit in a circle. She sat next to me — a great blessing. After I had talked about the book, she had our guests tell us about themselves and their work. I loved this, because then the party turned into a discussion. Metaphor, theology, Freud, the human need for the divine. This circle of people understood the heft and meaning of stories. I did not have to feel apologetic that WOMAN was not an academic tract. Just the opposite. They liked it because it reads like a novel. I got to say my favorite Levi-Strauss quote, “The story dreams itself out in man.” My friend Laila, the Dean of a local Jewish school, said afterwards that now she knows what non-religious Jews do, they become analysts. Most of the people there were not observant, but were deeply interested in the stories of the Bible, largely because of what these stories can tell us about human psychology: our jealousies, passions, flaws, gifts, our very nature.

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  1. Ruth permalink
    December 9, 2009 8:39 am

    After all, it is in our stories that we know each other. We need more teller of stories in this culture. I hope this will never be forgotten.

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