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Norway and Mary Wollstonecraft

February 8, 2010

Mary Wollstonecraft is in Tonsberg right now. Why she is in Norway, when no one went there in the 18th century (unless you were norwegian) is a long story. But I want to go now, too. I have been on youtube and google staring at fjords, seals, pines, blue tinged mountains, and happy looking blonde people. After two and a half years of tumult, Mary deserves a vacation and so do I. For three weeks, she swam, napped, wrote, and rambled through the countryside, gathering notes for the last book she would write which is also my favorite: Letters Written During A Short Residence In Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This is the book students should read FIRST. Not the vindication. She says things like “Pugh” and complains about the food and the beds and the rotten teeth of the natives while she revels in the beauty and the kind people she meets along the way. She sounds like us even though she lived two hundred years ago and I feel certain that we would have been friends. Well, ok, not certain, but I like her. I hope she would have liked me.

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