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Today’s crisis

February 19, 2010

Do I go grocery shopping during the four hour block reserved for writing? If I don’t, then there will be no milk, no eggs, no greens, no fruit etc. all of which is fine with me as writer/person, but the mother in me is concerned – not for my sake, but for the sake of my son (and friends). I have come to the limits of the creative things I can do with what is left in the cupboard. But what about Mary Wollstonecraft? She only has a year left to live. It is the spring of 1796 and all I want is to muscle through the last year of her life. If I had a maid, then she could go shopping. Mary Wollstonecraft had a maid named Marguerite. She hired Marguerite in Paris and took her to Scandinavia and London. Marguerite was chatty, vivacious, relentlessly cheerful and drove Mary crazy. However all that vivaciousness went over well with Mary’s toddler, Fanny, which was the whole point of Marguerite, from Mary’s perspective. So Marguerite played with Fanny while Mary wrote books, wept over her boyfriend, and went to parties. The two spent inordinate amounts of time together: sleeping, washing, and handing Fanny back and forth. I wonder what Marguerite made of her mistress? Mary was famously kind to servants and Marguerite stayed with her mistress right up to the day Mary died so maybe Marguerite loved her. Or maybe she thought Mary was crazy and loved Fanny. Or maybe Mary and Fanny were just a job, but I doubt it. How could Mary and Marguerite not have forged a bond? I wish there was a way to find out.

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  1. Ruth permalink
    February 20, 2010 7:50 am

    oatmeal??? I sometimes live on that…good for the heart. A caring mother takes care of her son’s heart from the start! (-: Mary needs to live for that year she has left!!

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