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The walk to St. Paul’s

March 19, 2010

Every day Mary Wollstonecraft walked across the old Blackfriar’s Bridge to St. Paul’s churchyard to have dinner with her friend (and publisher), Joseph Johnson. We are staying one block from where she lived and walk across the Millennium Bridge every day to St. Paul’s churchyard to the cafe we like. Yesterday we went to Evensong at St. Paul’s. She would have liked this, I think as Mary W. was an interesting mix: She liked the pomp of cathedrals and the glittery gold of St. Paul’s. But disliked aristocrats and overt displays of wealth.

This is our last day in her neighborhood. There is an alms house near her home that was here when she was alive and so I stare at it. There are also a few cottages. One with a yellow door along the Thames. Mostly, though, everything she would have known is long gone.

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  1. March 24, 2010 2:35 pm

    I can only imagine where you are and have fun it must be to walk to St Paul’s, and how things have changed over time.

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