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Endnote, Sicily, and not wanting to meet Shelley

June 1, 2010

I have fallen off the writing planet. When I don’t write here, it means that I am not writing Mary and Mary in any kind of intelligible way. The students have graduated and I have been snarling around with ENDNOTE. For those of you lucky enough not to know, Endnote is a software system for helping you do bibliographies and citations and footnotes. I think I might have gotten the hang of it. I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary after perusing pages and pages of a manual that I thought I would not have to read. But did. Meanwhile Mary Shelley has remained sixteen for six weeks. She is on the brink of meeting Shelley. It could be that I don’t want her to meet him.
I have also been obsessing about our trip to Sicily. I’m giving a talk there and I’m taking my son with me. It is all too Mary Shelley for words. She loved Italy. And as my brother said, sicily in 2010 is probably closer to 19th century Italy than the rest of modern Italy. I am making a trip to Venice, though. Just to see some of the important Shelley sites. or sights.

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