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Pink Hydrangeas and The Lido

July 15, 2010

I realize I never wrote about the Lido. This was our first stop in Italy. I was worried about it being crowded, rinky tinky, tacky. But it was lovely. We stayed in a faded old lady of a hotel, The Excelsior, the sister hotel of the famous Hotel des Bains where Mann and Tchaikovsky stayed. There were fountains and a palatial entrance hall — marble and urns – that led straight out the to the sea. The hotel had an elegant wooden boat with a glass cabin that shuttled us back and forth to the main island. We went every day and got hot and dusty and annoyed. I was so glad to return to the peace of the Lido where there are wide green parks, beaches, and tubs of geraniums and huge pink hydrangea growing in every yard. Yes, every yard. When I planted my garden here in New England I remember thinking that I only wanted white hydrangea (if I was going to have to have any hydrangea). So, I have some tasteful white hydrangeas. I also have some pots of pale tastefully arranged annuals. Next year, it will be All Pink. The Venetians are right. And I was wrong. Entirely wrong.

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  1. July 15, 2010 5:48 pm

    On Martha’s Vineyard all the hydrangeas are blue. It’s very odd.

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