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RSS, Facebook, WordPress, and me

October 24, 2011

Please forgive me if you received multiple copies of my posts yesterday. My sister told me she got three rin tin tins (my last post). This is very embarrassing. I was annoyed at facebook for not automatically posting my blogs and ended up wrestling with the intricacies of word press and rss and newtworked blogs to no avail, although I did meet some helpful WordPress workers with interesting handles, like “cloudsforthebirds35” and that sort of thing, which has made me think about changing my online name. Even if I don’t play those online rolepaying games where you get to be a gnome or a knight, I could still pose as Andromeda46. Or Runswiththewind18. A friend of mine just won a road race and I have been calling her Firstwoman. Maybe I would go with that, although I would probably have been tenth woman if I had run that race, so I guess I would have to be 10thwoman. My favorites, though, are the ones that sound kind of like Native American parodies: gentleasadeer, or in mycase sharplikeahawk, or darkmoodz62. Or maybe orangecatowner. Or IlovetheMarys62. At any rate, I solved none of the problems with communicating to you. Either, you will not know if I ever write another post, or you will hear about it a billion times.

I still don’t know what RSS stands for. Nor do I have any idea what an RSS feed does. And what it is feeding, and to whom.

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  1. October 24, 2011 8:15 pm

    When you understand RSS will you explain it to me, Heatherwhosecretlywantstobecharlotte.

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