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Things I can’t say

November 1, 2011

Mary Wollstonecraft

Today, I realized that Mary Wollstonecraft really did launch a revolution. I realized this in the middle of my day after I had gone for a run, made pancakes, got my son to school early, taught Creative Writing, registered students for classes, and attended an English Department meeting, and before I picked up my son and took him to an orthodontist appointment and then to Hebrew School, and before I bought salad greens and bread at the market and other things that I can’t remember.

I know that for those of you who are not all that sure who Wollstonecraft is, it is hard to be excited. And, actually I can’t really tell you what the revolution is that she did launch, or get you all excited about it, because it is a New Insight, and it will have to wait until the book comes out. But it is exciting — I promise. And I can’t believe I did not figure this out until now, when I only have four weeks left. But I did. And now I am on even more of a mission to tell the story of these two women. And, even as I write this, I realize that nowhere on my website does it tell you what this new book is about. Or when it will appear or what publisher is publishing it. Probably I should do that, but I am too superstitious. It feels like buying a crib before the baby is done.

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